/Future Predictions – Psychic Secrets You Need to Know

Future Predictions – Psychic Secrets You Need to Know

Future predictions are fun, not gonna lie. So let’s say you’re at a psychic reading, and the psychic tells you what you’ve been DYING to hear… juicy specifics of your future life. Namasta-YAY!

You really are going to have two children/become a teacher/meet your soulmate/learn to rock hats.

But here’s the scoop… even when future predictions tell you specifics (like how many children you’ll have), free will can determine WHEN and HOW these predictions take place.

It’s important to remember that prediction readings predict future events based on your CURRENT life path. While future predictions DO come true (as you’ll read), they also may not come true if you change your life path.

Or they may come true in an unexpected way. Your free will is steering the ship.

In this post, we’re going to cover the best questions to get the most accurate future prediction reading (this is shockingly simple), and what you need to know about psychic predictions and kids, careers, and love!

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The Best Questions for Accurate Future Predictions

Before we get too deep into how free will affects psychic predictions, let’s chat about the questions that lead to those predictions.

The Worst Questions to Predict Your Future

Uber specific questions may seem like the most fun thing to ask a psychic (i.e. “Will I ever get to meet Brad Pitt?!”), but ultimately those kinds of questions are rarely constructive.

The best psychic readings lead to clarity, and yes or no questions don’t typically guide you there. Simple yes/no questions don’t give the psychic reader much opportunity to dig deep into your life path.

The Best Questions to Predict Your Future

Open ended questions (what, why, etc.) enable the psychic reader to explore your energy and the situation in depth and give you an expansive answer. This way, you can get a full picture of the energy surrounding the issue… win-win!

For instance, if your job is way dragging you down, you may want to ask a psychic, “What job is going to make me unfriend my snooze button and jump out of bed every morning?” rather than “Should I go back to school to become a teacher?”

Ready for the cool part?

These open ended questions can lead to MEGA  specific answers! So…

The more open ended the question, the more specific the answer 🙂

How Many Children Will You Have?

“How many children will I have?” is a natural question for anyone to wonder. And in your intuitive reading, you might get the answer! Awesome!

However, HOW and WHEN will rarely be answered…

Say the psychic predicted you will have two children. It’s possible that those two children could be biological, adopted, or even figurative! They could be born/adopted when you’re in your 20’s, 30’s, or later. Or…

You may have one child with one person, and one child with someone else. These variables all depend on your decisions and how you live your life.

Ultimately, you having two children could depend on you deciding to stay with your current partner or not.

But here’s the great part… nothing you choose is right or wrong. Whatever happens is exactly what is supposed to happen.

Future Predictions and Relationships

Ah, soulmates. Who doesn’t want to know when and where they’ll meet their true love (we need to make sure we look adorable, obviously)?!

However, it’s NOT predetermined that you’re going to meet your soulmate at 6pm on December 15 at the mall jewelry store while buying a pair of sapphire earrings.

That’s extremely specific. Plus, what if all this holiday traffic gets to you and you end up stopping off for a coffee (or wine) first?

The truth is, if it’s destined that you’ll meet, you WILL. (If you want all of the juicy details on destiny, read this post.)

So, there’s no need to stress about missing your soulmate in a crowd of rushed people. Their and your choices will dictate how and when, but you WILL meet if you’re supposed to.

(Here are some tips on nudging the Universe to find your soulmate.)

Psychic Predictions and Careers

Forget guidance counselors… psychic readings can offer in depth career insight based not just on your skills, but your energy as a whole. This holistic view can lead to massive breakthroughs and career clarity. YAY!

But careers, like a lot of things, are constantly shifting. If a specific answer emerges during a psychic reading (i.e. you will be a teacher), understand that your free will can impact how and when greatly. Plus…

Think about how many different kinds of teachers there are! You could find yourself either teaching to adults re-entering the workforce or wrangling 1st graders ready for recess.

Teaching may be your true passion your whole life, or you may find yourself starting to teach much further on in your career.

Again, the choices you make during your life will impact how your career future predictions come into existence.

It’s possible that after your reading, you will decide to leave college in the pursuit of something else. In that case, you may not become a teacher at all.

BUT, because you’ll still have all the qualities that would have made you a great teacher, you could land in a training role at a corporate job or something similar!

Future Predictions Takeaways

You may know I’m not a big fan of prediction readings. And in fact, the days of your grandma’s fortune-telling type readings are mostly over (thankfully!).

The new wave of intuitive and tarot readings focuses on empowering people and offering greater vision and clarity.

Because of this shift, the best psychics will tell you that psychic predictions aren’t set in stone.

The bottom line is that your personal choices (free will) can and will affect everything said in a psychic reading.

So remember: What a psychic senses in your energy fields right now will allow you to see where you’re heading IF you stay on the path you are on. You can change that path at any moment.

From what kind of coffee you take to what you binge on Netflix is up to you 🙂

Ultimately, the Universe may dictate that certain events occur in your life (like meeting your soulmate), but your free will affects how and when everything happens.

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