/6 Things to Ask Yourself After a Psychic or Tarot Reading

6 Things to Ask Yourself After a Psychic or Tarot Reading

Psychic tarot reading. There, it’s all done! You prepped, you found the right psychic, you asked them your questions, you experienced a reading — go you! … but now what?!

After a psychic reading you may feel any number of things: excitement, hope, determination, or even validation.

And sometimes that great big ball of positive energy can seem a little overwhelming to unpack, so here are 6 thought provoking questions to ask yourself after a psychic reading (hint hint, your answers may lead to even more clarity than your reading did):

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6 Things to Ask Yourself After a Psychic Tarot Reading

1. What was said in the psychic or tarot reading?

This may sound uber “duh”, but in all the excitement of finally getting to ask your burning questions, you may find it hard to recall EVERY part of the answer.

So, as soon as your reading is over (and you’re done soaking up the post moment of goodness) do a quick brain dump of everything you remember from the reading.

It may even help you to outline how the call went (like English homework but way more fun). Put the question or topic at the top, and then write the highlights underneath it and repeat for each new topic.

Pro tip: If you’re reading is over the phone or online, don’t be afraid to ask if you can record it! That will make this process easy peasy and allow you hit repeat on parts you need to.

2. What about the psychic tarot reading resonated with you?

Have you ever had someone say something that hit you like a ton of bricks? Well I’ve had many of those moments during a psychic reading.

During a good reading, there’s a chance something specific will resonate with you above all else.

After your reflection, notice if something seems to be sticking with you: a theme, a phrase, an answer, or a feeling.

Take note of those lingering feelings or thoughts as those are most likely what you’re supposed to take away from your reading.

3. What is more clear now than it was before the reading?

AKA, did you have any “Aha!” moments? Psychic and tarot readings lead and empower you to make moves with a crystal clear head. So as you’re hanging up the phone, walking to the parking lot, or closing the computer window, notice where clarity is now that it wasn’t before.

Did you receive validation on something you’ve been wrestling with for awhile? Or did something become blatantly obvious?

4. Did you make any decisions?

A clear head can often lead to decisiveness, so… did you make any decisions during your reading?

Maybe your path suddenly become abundantly clear to you. Or maybe you finally know what to say to your mother-in-law.

Take note of any decisive feelings and then take positive action! It can be way too easy to slip back into the day-to-day routine of things before making any moves. Take advantage of your post-reading confidence and follow through on anything you decided to in your reading.

Pro tip: If you’re having trouble nailing specific feelings or conclusions down, you may need to ground yourself. After a reading energies are running high, which can leave you feeling a little flighty. Snacking on some chocolate or doing a physical activity (like taking the dog for a walk can help ground you. Here are 7 other grounding ideas.)

5. Did your psychic or tarot reading have a general “theme”?

Some psychic tarot readings seem to centralize around a theme. For example, it may become obvious that you are not speaking your mind enough (especially to your mother-in-law).

Or maybe you are not allowing yourself to live up to your potential?

If you have a few questions and all the answers seem to centralize around one general theme, take note. Even after your reading, you’ll likely start to see that theme in other aspects of your life.

Now that you have that theme pointed out to you, take action to leave those bad habits in the dust!

6. Did you come to any conclusions after your psychic tarot reading?

Maybe you didn’t leave your reading with a clear decision. (Honestly, it’s OK.)

But maybe you walked out knowing that it’s up to you to make a decision in your life (perhaps you had been waiting on your spouse or someone else).

Or maybe you concluded that the path you’re on right now isn’t working for you, but you’re able to switch it up!

Conclusions like that can be just as powerful as decisions, as long as you follow through with them.

What if you had a bad reading?

Eeks! What if NOTHING resonated with you and you got no clarity… Don’t worry, sometimes bad readings just happen (believe me, I’ve been there, done that, and have the gray hairs and credit card statements to prove it!).

Rest assured that your inconclusive reading does NOT mean the Universe has nothing to say to you.

Here are some steps to take if you do get a bad psychic reading.

Asking these targeted questions after a psychic tarot reading can lead to even greater clarity and action! Just be sure to ground yourself and reflect on your reading before you dive headlong into a decision. The post-reading vibes only last so long and they’re oh-so awesome.

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